Winter on its way…

Fall steelheading is drawing to a close and while there are still some late fall fish pushing in, early winters are right on their heels. Last week saw our first encounter with a bright early winter as well as some halfpounders and a few chunky summer/fall steelhead in the mix. Water temps have dropped and the rivers continue to rise and drop making fishing a little hit and miss. We have pretty much switched over to tips and some larger than usual patterns seem to be doing the trick. I have a handful of days left on the mid-lower Trinity and then switching modes to winter steelhead. With plenty of rain, snow, and wind the last week I am ready for some early winter chrome to push into many of our North Coast rivers. Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 Responses to Winter on its way…

  1. zach dropped off some “hosers” a few weeks back. dude, we cant keep steelhead off them up here on the JD. thats a winner my friend..

  2. steelheadonthespey says:

    Thanks Marty! Glad those JD fish like em!

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