North Coast Winter Steelhead Report

We have begun our season on California’s North Coast. Fishing has been pretty standard for chasing winter steelhead with a two handed rod. Some days you get em and some days you dont. That being said, we have been hooking some really nice fish with a couple of fish in the 30-32″ As with all our fish on the coast, they are some of the brightest and hardest fishing fish you will find on any coastal river throughout the Pacific Northwest.

With the cold water temps and freezing weather we had last week most fish seem to come in softer flows and around structure. Bright patterns with a lot of movement seemed to work well in these softer flows. We found good success on Silvey’s Taillight, Hartwick’s Hoser, and Hickman’s Fish and Flash Tacos. Get out there and chase some chrome. We have a few days open towards the end of January if interested.

Go for the grab!


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4 Responses to North Coast Winter Steelhead Report

  1. Matt says:

    Have you had the new 6129-4 VXP out this winter? I’d be interested in a review.

  2. steelheadonthespey says:

    Hi Matt,

    I post a review on that rod in the next couple of days. It has been my go to stick this winter when fishing 10′ of T-14 or less.

  3. What a PIG! Dad said that it was an awesome grab (any grab is awesome but that one was particularly nice). Strong work!

  4. steelheadonthespey says:

    Hey Justin,

    That was a good one! I think that fish at the fly twice before he finally hooked it.
    BTW, Guatemala looks like it was a good time!


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