Sage VXP 6129-4 Review

So I have been asked by a couple of people for reviews on Sage’s new VXP 12’9″ 6 weight spey rod. I have been playing around with this rod now since last October and have to say it is a canon. The VXP series has gone on to replace the older VT2 models which where great spey rods. The old 7130 VT2 damn near casts itself with a skagit line in the 550-650 grain range. the new VXP’s feature the same price point spey rod from Sage but have nicer cosmetics than the VT2’s. The best cosmetic being the light green paint job which looks a hell of a lot better than the electric blue finish the VT2 had.

Now to the things that really matter! The new VXP is not only a lighter rod but seems to be a smoother casting rod that the old VT2. The rods seem to have a bit more power in the butt and will deliver tighter loops with Scandi style heads and have the backbone to turn over larger flies and heavu sink tips with Skagit heads. Thus far, I have spent most of my time with this rod casting a Rio Skagit Short with T-11 AND t-14 Mow tips. The 6129 seems to turn over these tips with ease and will cast flies up to about 4″ without a problem, albeit it sometimes is not that pretty!

So here are my line recs for this rod. These might seem light or heavy to some of you but for FISHING applications they work!

Skagit: The most ideal setup I have found so far for fishing sink tips and decent size flies is a Rio Skagit Short 425 or 475 that weighs in at around 460gr. Many times these heads can lighter or heavier that the box says, so make sure to weigh them find one in the 440-470 range with 460 being ideal. Either T-11 or T-14 tips will work.  For a lighter skagit setup look for Rio Skagit Flight or Airflo Compact Skagit in the 420-450 range with use of T-11 tips.

Scandi: I have not spent much time with scandi lines on this rod but your best bets are going to be either a Rio Steelhead Scandi or Airflo Compact Scandi in the 385-425 grain range. Personally for FISHING applications I favor the Rio Steelhead Scandi at about 420 grains. This will cast both floating and sinking poly/spey leaders with ease.

If you are looking for a good all around spey rod for summer/fall steelheading and LIGHT winter steelhead at a good price point than this might be the ticket for you. At $595 the new VXP’s are pretty hard to beat! On top of that, they are made by Sage and made in the USA!

Go for the grab!


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2 Responses to Sage VXP 6129-4 Review

  1. Ryan D says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Hey dig the blog, especially the latest guide to winter steelheading and the VXP report. New to California steelheading, trying to make it up to the Trinity in the next few weeks. Its a long drive from Santa Barbara. Thanks for the blog and great inf0.


  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the thorough review of the rod.


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