California Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead under attack

California’s Sacramento River used to once host some of the largest runs of salmon and steelhead in the world. Since the construction of many dams, canals, and water diversion these runs have nearly become extinct. Salmon and steelhead in the central valley are now listed under the ESA and now that is even threatened.

Riders attached the House of Representative’s appropriations bill are attacking ESA mandated protections for Central Valley salmon by 1. Eliminating all funding for implementation of certain titles in the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, including the release of interim flows. 2. Prohibiting the implementation of BiOps under the ESA protecting delta smelt and salmon. The language in the Bills can be found

view the HR1 the house appropriations bill here:

Language relevant to Central Valley Salmon on page 224 (section 1475)

Write to your representative and tell them not to allow this backdoor attack on Central Valley Salmon and the ESA

Will Atlas and the people at the Osprey Steelhead News have drafted a letter that can be sent to your congressional representative. Please write and make your voice heard! Follow the link here….

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