North Coast Report

It’s been awhile since our last report but that’s not a bad thing. Just means we have had good weather and have been on the water everyday. This dry weather has allowed a few of our bigger rivers to drop into shape allowing for some good fishing on systems that sometimes might only get fished a handful of days most winters. As of today things have changed. We are finally starting to see some much needed rain to help raise many of our rivers that were far too low and clear to fish. This will also pull many new fish into these systems. Once the rivers begin to recede by the end of the week, we should see some more great steelhead fishing on California’s North Coast.

As for the fishing, it has been pretty damn good the last couple of weeks. It is still swinging flies for winter steelhead so we have had some blank days but we have also had days where we have seen 4-6 fish hooked. In all honesty, our winter steelhead season has been far better than our fall season on the Klamath/Trinity which was a tough one! Most fish have been taken on Hosers, Silvey’s Taillight, Marabou tubes, and guide intruders. It is still important to keep the fly down and we have been using 10-12′ of T-14 and adding some weight to our flies if needed. As soon as the rivers drop back in, look for the same flies and tips to produce.

Go for the grab!


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