Hoser becoming top producer for winter steelhead

Yes, this should be placed in a category called shameless self promotion but its hard not to share a good thing. Plus, I could use a little more beer money and might even be able to buy a six pack of Sierra Nevada with my next Idylwilde check!

About a year and a half ago I set out to create a new winter steelhead fly that cover a wide range of water types and conditions on many of our winter steelhead rivers in California. Many of the runs we fish on these rivers feature smooth tailouts and soft inside flows. This called for a fly with a large profile, good movement, and a traslucent look. After a few trial and error sessions on the water, a prototype version of the hoser produced 3 winter fish in two days of fishing in late 2009. I felt like I was onto something since the fly was easy to cast, had great movement, and even hooked a few fish. The original versions were all tied on a tube and featured a cone that faced forward in a standard configuration. Looking for something different and trying to achieve maximum movement, I decided to tie the cone in reverse. This helped keep the marabou flared out especially in soft flows without having to use more material such as deer hair or arctic fox. In January 2011, Idylwilde’s Hartwick Hoser was released and is gaining popularity in its three color variations of Purple/Pink, Black/Blue, and Pink/Pink.

Over the last year the hoser has proven its success from California to British Colombia. It has hooked steelhead on rivers such as the Trinity, Eel, Smith, Deschutes, Sandy, Dean, Bulkley, and some smaller coastal oregon rivers. The two pink versions have taken Chums and Silvers in Alaska while the black/blue combo has done well on Kings. It has proven to be a great all around tube fly for salmon and steelhead.

Lately the hoser has received some good praise from prodcut testers such as Horatio Nailknot, Marty Sheppard, and shops such as the Gorge Fly Shop. Read more here…

Gorge Fly Shop

Horatio and Idylwilde


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1 Response to Hoser becoming top producer for winter steelhead

  1. Faulker says:

    I dig this fly, it is similar to an intruder style fly that I tie and have had success on. I like the idea of the reverse cone head as it makes for a cleaner head profile and no need to spin material in a dubbing loop for flare. So simple yet genius.

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