Alaska Summer 2011

Hoodoo King Salmon. Hoodoo Lodge/The Fly Shop Photo

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but have done very little fishing or guiding with all the high water we have had in California. This summer I have taken a new guiding job at Hoodoo lodgeon the Aleutian Islands. Hoodoo is a fairly new operation that is quickly becoming well known for their superb King and Silver fishing. Some have said it is the best fly fishing for Kings and Silvers in AK. I am super stoked to go to work at Hoodoo and experience some new opportunities in AK. Alongside fishing for Kings and Silvers is some excellent Dolly/Char and Chum fishing.

Can’t really guarantee that I will be keeping the blog updated all the time but my goal is a weekly post with photos and a brief fishing report. Stay tuned….


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1 Response to Alaska Summer 2011

  1. The Mole says:

    That place looks awesomer. Take some Hosers! Let me know when I can come!

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