Winter Steelhead School – January 7th, 2012

Saturday January 7th, 2012 Steelhead on the Spey Guide Service will hold its Winter Steelhead Spey School. Our Winter Steelhead Spey schools are designed for beginner to advanced steelhead anglers looking to better their skills and improve their success rate in hooking winter steelhead.  The focus of these schools is to improve your spey casting, learn to read water, presentation, and locate prime winter steelhead water. Spey casting will cover both river right and river left casts as well as casting sink tips. We will show you the necessary equipment needed to chase winter steelhead from skagit lines to sink tips to fly selections. We will spend time both reading water and covering different presentations that may arise when fishing different types of water. Lastly, we will put anglers into a couple of different runs in search of winter steelhead. Our goal is to show you everything you need to know to fish for winter steelhead and improve your catch rate. Lunch, equipment, and flies are provided. Classes are designed to accommodate 3-6 people and are 8 hours of on the water instruction/fishing. The class will located on the banks of the Eel or S.F. Eel or if blown out than the lower Trinity river near Willow Creek, CA. Cost $175 per person. For more details and to book the school contact us at or (916) 838-2496.

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