The waiting game…

It’s been a strange winter thus far. Usually we are complaining about too much rain and high, off color flows this time of year. This season has been the total opposite. For the last couple of weeks we have been praying for rain to open many of our rivers that are closed due to low flows. I guess we need to be careful what we ask for….

8-12″ of rain predicted in the Crescent City area over the next three days will not only bring us some much needed water but blow out all of our coastal systems for a short while. We need rain , but this is a little much! Talk about extremes in January,  low and clear or high and unfishable! Things can only get better right?

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2 Responses to The waiting game…

  1. mike biedscheid says:

    Yep– it`s called “winter” if it rained a good shot once a week with many fish coming up with each shot, it would be called “heaven”!!

  2. mrbrucexiong says:

    Lots of rain just means I’ll have the river all to myself this sunday.. even with chocolate milk.. headed up to the Smith for a few days but will only get a few hours in the AM Sunday…I’ve had one of my best Steel days on a blown out river last year. You just gotta becareful.

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