Be careful what you read….

on various fly-fishing or spey fishing forums. While there is a lot of good information these days, too many people believe the everything they read on many forums. A recent thread on a “popular” fishing forum really got me laughing. Someone was asking about rods/line recs for a trip and I just amazed at the bullshit in some of the responses. Yes, everyone has different casting strokes and opinions on rod and line recs but I am amazed at how many of these recs are so far out of the ballpark, a beginner would be lucky to turn over a bare hook.

I see it with clients every steelhead season. They show up with a brand new setup only to say that it doesn’t cast that well or they are not sure if they bought the correct rod. Let me put this out there….There is no such thing as a bad spey rod, just one that is not properly lined. Most of the time when asking clients where they got the recommendation for their lines, their response is “so and so spey or fly-fishing forum.”

The point I am getting at is to get information from a credible source such as a fly shop that specializes in spey rods/lines, manufacturers, casting instructors, and or guides who are using this stuff on a daily basis, not just once every three months. While there is a lot of good stuff out there on the web, there is a lot of garbage as well. There is a reason many manufacturers and fly shops give line recommendations for the rods they make or sell. To make sure anglers do not have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on finding the right spey line for a given rod. Just a little rant and my 2 cents worth!

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2 Responses to Be careful what you read….

  1. mrbrucexiong says:

    excellent read for my day at work. i believe we all have preferences. sometimes the line recommendations are perfect, sometimes they are just a bit off depending on what you like. i like to overload mine just a little bit over the recommended.


  2. steelheadonthespey says:

    Very True. I think a little heavier load is great for beginners or if you plan on fishing large flies on heavy sink tips! Everyone has a personal preference and you have to find out what works best for YOU.

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