RIP Gabe Duran


This past week the fly-fishing community lost one of the best human beings to row a drift boat or cast a fly rod. Gabriel Duran was one of the hell of a fly fisherman, guide, and one of the greatest dudes to ever step foot on this earth. Gabe loved life and and shared his enthusiasm for life and beer, with everyone around him. Gabe always was in a good mood and had a big smile that we will all never forget. I feel lucky to have shared many floats, stories, laughs, and beers with Gabe over the years of guiding. We miss ya man, and catch a 30 pounder up there for me!


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1 Response to RIP Gabe Duran

  1. Chris shaver says:

    Shocking news. Gabe was one hell of I guy. I shall miss him. Cheers brother. I’ll pour one out for ya.

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