Fall Finish

Another Fall comes to a close just in time, as our first big rains seem to be settling in. The fishing was much like the water this fall, up and down! The rivers saw ever-changing flows from the lowest we have seen due to draught conditions to flows upwards of 3500 cfs from both the BOR and rain. This spread the fish out very quickly and made us work a little harder than normal for them…all part of the game!

Why do we love fall steel heading? Floating lines, surface steelhead, t-shirts, and a lot of smiles…




Steve Merlone with a couple of nice bright fish. Steve’s casting and fishing skills have improved each of the last  3 seasons we have fished together. He always seems to get the job done!photo_1_copyphoto 2 copy

For supposedly having such a banner run on the lower Klamath, I was amazed at how few Kings I saw upriver on the Trinity. Granted there were days like this one where hundreds were on the move and every steelhead around was far away sitting behind a rock!

photo 2-2 copy

Every year for about the last 5-6 years, Rudd and Eric come fish with me on both the Trinity and North Coast. Each time, one out fishes the other but it always seems to balance itself out. This year, Eric hooked multiple fish the first two days. He had to take off due to that thing called life(family+work) and Rudd whaled on ’em the last two days…go figure. Rudd, the blue gloves gotta go but the hat looks good!

photo 1-2 copyphoto 2

A few more nice wild ones from this fall. These fish in the lower Klamath and Trinity systems can be some of the hottest steelhead pound for pound. It’s just always a bonus when you see one a little bigger than normal.




As Fall progressed we bounced back and forth between the Klamath and Trinity to stay on the fish and good fishing. While the Klamath fish might not have the size, they make up for it with a lot of heart! Not to mention you get a few more yanks in a day, fish beautiful long sweeping runs, and might not see another angler!

photo 1-2



It was another great fall season on the Klamath and Trinity rivers. The weather was warm  all the way to the end with only a couple of frosty to mornings I can think of. We have begun to receive some good rains which have triggered the last of the fall kings. The next good series of storms should bring our first good push of winters into many systems. Stay tuned…..


Jason Hartwick


(916) 838-2496


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