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Cast and Blast @ Sunwolf – Squamish, BC April 4-6

  Come join in on the fun in Squamish, BC at Cast and Blast @ Sunwolf April 4-6. We’ll be there with Aqua Flies doing some tying demos, fishing, and having a good time.

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Whippin’ up a Beauty!

Little jam session from a couple weeks back. Go Giants!

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Materials for Tying Intruder Style Flies

First, I have to start by saying that many of the so called “intruders” you see today are spin-offs of the classic intruder pattern created and popularized by the likes of Ed Ward, Jerry French, and Scott Howell to name … Continue reading

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Skagit Master 3 teaser….

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Northern California Fly-fishing events this week…

April 20-22: Spey-O-Rama All this week at the Golden Gate Casting Ponds. This is the world championship of spey casting. The event takes place Friday through Sunday. Stop by on Friday and Saturday to check out and demo some of … Continue reading

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Winter Steelhead flies and a few thoughts

Been long overdue for a post and have been doing some thinking about winter flies after seeing some posts on other blogs. These are just some thoughts and ramblings…. In the last few years, it seems more and more people … Continue reading

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Tube Flies: A lot of variety these days

This past weekend we did a little Pro Tubefly tying demo at Kiene’s Fly Shop Annual Expo. There was a lot of interest among anglers in tying tube flies not only for salmon and steelhead, but also for bass, stripers, … Continue reading

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