Jefferson Spey Sessions 2019


Steelhead season is again right around the corner and we again will be hosting the Jefferson Spey Sessions for 2019. Just like last season we will have two sessions on the Klamath River at Sandy Bar Ranch and one on the Rogue River at the Weasku Inn.


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We designed the Jefferson Spey Sessions to target sink-tip and floating line spey cast fundamentals, both for those who are developing new skills and those who want to continue to evolve and refine what they already know. No spey casting experience required!

Jefferson Spey Sessions: Klamath River (Oct 31-Nov 3 & Nov 7-10, 2019)


Gain confidence in the swung fly for summer/fall steelhead, wherever they may take you. Spend three days floating the lower Klamath in one of the wildest corners of California. Big, broad, classic, bouldery riffles and never ending tail-outs invite the spey rod and swung fly. With the Klamath’s famed half-pounders eager to pounce and the bigger late run fall adults beginning to show, opportunities to put new skills to the test abound. Whitney Gould, Jason Hartwick and Rich Zellman share a passion that is unmatched for teaching, spey, steelhead and watching their students grow. Experience a day with each of them and you’ll emerge from the Jefferson Spey Sessions a spey caster and more seasoned angler.


Enjoy three nights of lodging at Sandy Bar Ranch, which sits atop of the mighty Klamath. Cabins built in the 50’s, of clear grain redwood and old growth douglas fir. Steelhead fisherman of the time would rent these cabins for weeks on end to revel in the spoils of the lower Klamath. Guests return year after year. Simple, efficient cabins nestled amongst madrone and oak, offer clean, comfortable rooms and all the necessary amenities. Return from a day on the Klamath and relax with a beer before dinner on the deck over looking the river. Every guest will have his/her own room with queen size bed with most having their very own cabin.


Jefferson Spey Session: Rogue River (Nov 14-17, 2019)

The Rogue session is patterned after the successful sessions on the Klamath with one main difference, it is strictly Skagit based and features Scott Howell, Rich Zellman, and Jason Hartwick. Focusing on true Skagit casting and sinktip presentations with weighted flies through the myriad of water types that exist within a steelhead river. From having your back against the wall, fishing the outside, to the straight forward two steppers. No “chuck it and $%#! it” — there is often so much more going on than many realize. Just in time to dial it in for winter or tune up what you might’ve been lacking last season. November on the Rogue is a special time. Most anglers have long ago left, leaving behind the last push of big native steelhead headed for far upstream tributaries that don’t open up to them until the fall rains.


We’ll be hosting this session on the banks of the wild Rogue River at one of Southern Oregon’s most known, Weasku Inn. Recognized in the New York Times as one of the top 50 places to stay in the west, this is truly a great place to relax in comfort after a day on the water. Each guest will have his/her own room.



Each of the Jefferson Spey Sessions are limited to six angler students to ensure quality one-on-one instruction.
Two sessions are available for the Klamath coming fall season:
October 31 – November 3
November 7 – 10
Location: Sandy Bar Ranch, Orleans, CA
Cost: $1895 includes three nights of lodging, all meals, and three full days of guiding/instruction
One session is available on the Rogue:
November 14 – 17
Location: Weasku Inn, Grants Pass, OR
Cost: $1895 includes three nights of lodging, all meals, and three full days of guiding/instruction

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Jefferson Spey Sessions will cover the following and more:
How to execute all key spey casts, both river right and river left
What equipment works best for you and the rivers you fish
How to swing flies through different water types
How to read steelhead holding water
Fly selection for summer/fall steelhead

What to bring:
2019 California fishing license and steelhead report card (if attending Klamath Sessions)
2019 Oregon fishing license and adult combination tag (if attending Rogue Sessions)
Waders, boots, warm layering and rain jacket
Personal fishing gear (No spey rods or reels yet? No problem, they can be provided.)

For booking or more info, contact:
Jason Hartwick (707) 382-1655 or by email


“It was a great experience and I finally got the cast (about 80% of the time) from all the individual attention given to my mistakes. Your trio is perfect and that setting on the Klamath reinforces the feeling that it’s a privilege to live and play in Northern California.”
– Jerry Schaffer

“Thank you for an absolutely fabulous weekend. In the Jefferson Spey Camp you have the perfect blend of instruction for both steelhead fishing and spey casting. It is early but I am seriously considering doing the camp again next year, there is so much to learn and so little time. ”
-Dennis “Mitch” Reasoner

“Thanks for dialing in my cast, appreciate you guys sharing you passion and knowledge swinging flies.”
-Adam Petuskey

“Can’t say enough about how enjoyable fishing is swinging a fly with a spey rod. Thanks for putting me on the right path in the spey game. Thanks again!”
-Trevor Goff

“The school format was cool. It seemed like you put a lot of effort into making it work smoothly, and much thanks to you, and please pass on to Whitney, and Jason. It was very nice to relax at the property and have everything taken care of.
Our last morning was glorious. Lots of fish were rolling, must have seen 10-15. I had a fish blow up my fly and run at me and then jump and throw the hook, then about an hour later a wild buck climbed on and stuck. Super cool! I’m ready to go again next year, so keep me posted.”
-Bo Adams

“It was an eye opening experience as Whitney corrected my casting.”
-Keichi Aoyag



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